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African Woman and Child Feature Service (AWCFS)African Woman and Child Feature Service (AWCFS) was established to address the missing voices of women and children in the media in Kenya, and to influence the integration of issues affecting women and children within the national agenda. The organization pursues several strategies to contribute to the realization of women's economic, social and political rights. They have done this by using strategic communication, advocacy and community engagement perspectives.

AWCFS's vision is a media that enhances the acceptance of diversity and gender equality for equitable development. Its mission is to promote diversity, gender equity, social justice and development in Africa through media, training and research.

Raising women's voices and visibility

AWCFS seeks to raise the voices of women working in the Kenyan horticulture and increase the visibility of issues they face by using strategic communication and media approaches. These interventions include putting pressure on both industry players and the government to increase the visibility of the situation of women workers and to improve working conditions.

The specific strategies they use include: conducting investigative stories that focus the spotlight on the condition of women in flower firms and pushing companies to account for their actions; strengthening the strategic communication and media capacities of organizations working for the Women@Work Campaign; producing monthly online newspapers documenting the issues, concerns and situation of women in flower industry; using radio awareness programs to educate women workers on their rights and conditions of employment; and conducting an online awareness-raising campaign on the work of the Women@Work Campaign in Kenya.

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