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About CFSC

Centre for Social ConcernCentre for Social Concern (CFSC) is a faith-based organization founded in 2002 by Missionaries of Africa to promote a just society and dialogue with human dignity at heart in Malawi. The organization applies the gospel values and principles of the Catholic Social Teaching (CST) through publications, workshops and training programs.

The primary targets of CFSC are the church itself and the faith communities. Beyond these primary target groups, the activities of CFSC also target directly or indirectly other groups like policy makers, legislators, structures of justice, relevant international bodies connected to the issues of social and economic justice and CFSC’s like-minded organizations that are critical in the field of lobbying, advocacy, justice and peace. Over the years, CFSC has evolved into not only a faith-based organization but also a very professional body with its work based on a carefully prepared multi-annual strategic plan.

Right to decent work for women

CFSC’s project is contributing to achieving the right to decent work for women in the global horticultural value chains by:

  • Lobbying and advocating for a decent wage for farm workers, especially women, in the horticultural industry in Malawi by 2020 through research and knowledge dissemination.
  • Capacitating civil society organizations and governments to effectively play their roles in building capacity for women workers and farm management including key stakeholders in the horticultural value chains in Malawi by 2020.
  • Empowering women workers and informed growers in the horticultural sector to harness positive attitude towards corporate social responsibilities (CSR).


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