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About CFU

Commercial Farmers' Union of ZimbabweThe Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe (CFU) is an independent and politically neutral membership-driven organization which represents and advances the interests of professional farmers in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in Africa. The CFU draws its membership from primarily large scale and intensive commercial agricultural producers, but membership is open to all farmers regardless of scale or landholding.

The CFU’s main agenda is to promote a stable and competitive agricultural business environment; and to provide advice and support to farmers - covering technical extension service, inputs, marketing aspects, business management, labor relations, and advice with land and compensation issues and so on. The CFU exists to serve their members, who are deeply committed to the success of the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole.

Raising awareness about women workers' rights

In the project for the Women@Work Campaign, CFU seeks to raise awareness among employers and employees of the rights of women farm workers and the unjust challenges faced by women employees in the agricultural industry.

CFU managed to identify the various issues affecting women employees and to establish a baseline position that indicates the levels to which female workers have access to more senior and more permanent employment positions within Zimbabwe’s horticulture sector. CFU has used the findings to inform the amendment of CFU Agricultural Employers’ Handbook (2018), which includes a chapter on women employees and simple steps that can be taken by employers to improve the situation. A documentary on the Women@Work Campaign has been developed to assist with lobby and advocacy activities.

CFU will continuously conduct training both for employers and employees to build awareness on issues related to decent working conditions for women.

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