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Every Girl in School Alliance (EGISA) is a women’s rights organization, based in Lilongwe, Malawi, that works to advance the rights and empowerment of women and girls. EGISA was founded on the belief that education is the key to unlocking access to opportunities for the realization of women and girls’ socio-economic and political rights. To achieve this, EGISA:

  1. Uses the power of dialogue to address the challenges that promote gender inequalities, through the social construction of favorable norms and elimination of harmful practices through its multi award winning #SheTalks model
  2. Provides full board scholarships; self-esteem and leadership development programs and mentorship to high potential girls who are at risk of falling out of the school system
  3. Advocates for the promotion of gender equitable laws and labor rights, at both national and grassroots levels
  4. Invests in the skills training and development of women so as to strengthen their chances of securing employment and starting profitable business ventures


#SheTalks Women@Work

Through this project, EGISA seeks to strengthen the capacities of women horticulture farmers and their associations to advocate for their rights and champion for women’s safety from sexual harassment in farming, equitable and fair wages and increased participation in decision making structures and processes.

Specifically, the project will develop a ‘Labor Rights and Sexual Harassment’ Curriculum and conduct training of trainers for Lead Women Farmers to use this guide; work with civil society organisations, in particular trade unions and farmer associations and groupings to strengthen their advocacy skills and develop collective action plans; link horticulture farmers with lucrative markets; and support the development and/or review and implementation of gender equitable policies that promote the rights of seasonal and casual women horticulture farmers. In addition, the project will utilize the power of media to raise awareness of labor rights and the work of the Women@Work Campaign in Malawi

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Twitter: @egisa_org
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