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About Haguruka

HagurukaHaguruka is a non-governmental organization that defends women and children’s rights. It was established on the 16th of July 1991 and agreed by the Ministerial Order n°127/05 on 28th of December 1991 in Rwanda.

Their vision is to contribute to the creation of a society where all rights are equal and respected for sustainable development. Their mission is to promote and protect women and children’s rights (boys and girls) using international and national legal frameworks and policies.

Haguruka is known as a strong and experienced Rwandan organization working in the legal domain. They provide legal aid and support for free, and offer legal orientation and support to vulnerable people, especially women and children. Through mobile legal clinics, community dialogues, public and community mobilization campaigns and media outreach, Haguruka raises the awareness of citizens on gender issues, land and property rights, family and child law as well as others basic and useful laws.

Building decent workplaces

Haguruka is implementing a project called ‘State Accountability for Corporate Violations’. This project aims to contribute to building decent workplaces by ensuring sustainable and labor law enforcement while improving working conditions for women workers in the horticulture sector in Rwanda.

Contact details

Twitter: @infohaguruka