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About Ufadhili Trust

Ufadhili TrustUfadhili Trust is a non-profit organization and is East Africa’s leading proponent of social responsibility. The organization exists to promote a culture of responsible, ethical and sustainable practices among businesses, governments and citizens in East and Southern Africa. The organization works closely with private sector membership organizations to advance responsible business practices regionally. Ufadhili Trust has conducted several interventions in this area including training, research, conferences, provision of technical support, information sharing, development of corporate social responsibility (CSR) tools, and benchmarking.

The CSR approach

Ufadhili Trust’s project aims to enhance the sustainability of the horticultural sector in the East and Southern Africa regions by addressing women’s rights issues at the workplace, improving on the employees’ quality of life/their families and impacting positively the local communities where the business is being conducted. The portal on social performance has been created to help horticultural companies to become more sustainable. The work is being implemented in eight African countries, namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Road to Sustainability Documentary - Horticultural Sector in East Africa, 2019 from Hivos on Vimeo.

Contact details

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