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About UFEA

Uganda Flowers Exporters AssociationThe Uganda Flowers Exporters Association (UFEA) is a non-profit organization and was established in 1993 as an umbrella organization to bring together all stakeholders in the flower industry in Uganda. Their mandate is to:

  • Provide market information through a monthly bulletin, website and other information sources to members;
  • Organize and coordinate capacity building for owners and/or managers and employees of flower farms;
  • Conduct research on flower varieties and species: on farm trails, pest and diseases, market survey/trends, policy and regulatory environment;
  • Mobilize technical assistance as requested for by the exporters;
  • Monitor compliance to international standards and quality;
  • Advocate for the enabling environment for industry expansion and resolving constraints/disincentives to industry expansion through private/public partnerships;
  • Mobilize resources for programs and activities.


Blooming Workplaces and Communities Project

In this joint initiative, the partners Uganda Flower Exporters Association (UFEA), National Organization of Peer Educators Uganda (NOPE), Uganda Workers Education Association (UWEA) and the Uganda Horticultural Industrial Services Provided and Allied Workers Union (UHISPAWU) are promoting a workplace policy and community culture that is responsive to addressing HIV and AIDS as well as sexual harassment at workplaces, in communities and at schools in Uganda.

The project is focusing on the stigmatizing and discriminatory attitudes and practices faced by women living with HIV and AIDS, both in their workplace and at home. By engaging all relevant stakeholders, the partners aim to change behavior and perceptions in relation to gender equality, sex, sexual and reproductive health rights, HIV and AIDS, and violence against women.

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