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About UWEA

Uganda Workers Education Association

Uganda Workers Education Association (UWEA) is a civil society organization founded in October 2001 and registered in March 2002 as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, aimed at improving people’s lives through result-oriented education. The major focus is to provide education to workers in both the formal and informal economy especially to vulnerable groups like women, youth, peasants and the physically disabled.

UWEA’s vision is to create a society of enlightened people that are able to utilize their full potential for social, economic, cultural and political development through research, education and advocacy. This vision is fulfilled through the mission of conducting education and training activities that address workers and community needs, conducting research, dissemination of information, advocating for workers and environmental rights and networking with organizations that have similar objectives.

Blooming Workplaces and Communities Project

In this joint initiative, the partners Uganda Workers Education Association (UWEA), National Organization of Peer Educators Uganda (NOPE), Uganda Horticultural Industrial Services Provider and Allied Workers Union (UHISPAWU) and Uganda Flower Exporters Association (UFEA) are promoting a workplace policy and community culture that is responsive to addressing HIV and AIDS as well as sexual harassment at workplaces, in communities and at schools in Uganda.

The project is focusing on the stigmatizing and discriminatory attitudes and practices faced by women living with HIV and AIDS, both in their workplace and at home. By engaging all relevant stakeholders, the partners aim to change behavior and perceptions in relation to gender equality, sex, sexual and reproductive health rights, HIV and AIDS, and violence against women.

Fostering Women’s Leadership

Uganda Workers Education Association (UWEA) is also collaborating with Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA), African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), Rwanda Women’s Network (RWN), Trade Union Centre of Workers of Rwanda (CESTRAR) and Uganda Horticultural Industrial Services Provider and Allied Workers Union (UHISPAWU) in a consortium that is steering the women’s leadership strategy of the Women@Work Campaign in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

The project is promoting the advancement of women’s leadership and representation in decision-making processes in the horticulture sector in these countries. It also addresses both structural and practical needs that hinder women’s ascension to positions of leadership by raising the consciousness of women workers, managers, partners and other stakeholders on gender issues.

Hereto, the partners are strengthening the leadership capacities of women workers through targeted training; promoting gender-responsive workplace policies; strengthening the collective voice of women in trade unions for decision making; and influencing national, regional and international processes on gender equality and decent work for women in the horticultural sector through lobby and advocacy.

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