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Women for ChangeWomen for Change (WfC) is a gender-focused Zambian NGO working with rural communities, especially women and girls, to contribute towards sustainable human development and the eradication of all forms of poverty. The organization operates on the principle of non-partisan collaboration with other organizations on matters concerning the development of rural communities.

WfC was founded on 6th October 1992 and has since been working with communities to promote the existence of a society that is gender-sensitive and socially, politically and economically empowered. WfC has a vast experience in building a critical mass that is well-informed and alert and therefore able to demand their rights. As such, the organization has implemented a number of projects that ensure women and men drive their own development in order to achieve sustainable human development.

Addressing gender barriers that inhibit women's participation in leadership

The Women@Work Campaign aims to increase the voices, participation and leadership of women workers, including women living with disabilities, for improved service delivery at the farm level and implementation of labor laws and policies. The project will engage workers in two horticulture farms in Chongwe district and partner with key stakeholders among whom are trade unions to strengthen women workers’ life skills. The focus will be to address gender barriers that inhibit women’s participation in leadership. Ultimately, the project aims at promoting decent working conditions in the horticulture sectors and improvement of relations between farm owners, trade unions and the farm workers.

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