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About ZWLA

Zimbabwe Women Lawyers AssociationZimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA) is dedicated to the achievement of justice and equality for all in Zimbabwe. To achieve its mission of developing, defending and pursuing women’s rights, the organization provides legal services for the primary benefit of women as well as children. To this end, free legal aid services are provided including legal advice, drafting and representation.

ZWLA also engages in lobbying and advocacy for the purposes of creating an enabling legal framework that is sensitive to the plight of women. The organization also engages in legal awareness and training, and community legal education to raise awareness and sensitize women of their rights and to influence change in social norms and attitudes. Furthermore, through engagement in strategic litigation, positive jurisprudence is developed which has a positive impact on women’s lived realities.

Right to decent work for women farm workers

ZWLA’s work centers around the promotion of women’s right to decent work for women farm workers. This will be implemented through the production of a policy document on sexual harassment drafted with a gender lens, in order to address sexual harassment as it occurs in the farms. Such policy will recognize the gendered violence that ensues from sexual harassment with the effect that it has as a form of discrimination against women. Procedures for addressing sexual harassment will be adopted in the policy as a way of facilitating effective reporting and handling of sexual harassment cases.

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